An Introduction to Baby Wearing

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What is babywearing? Babywearing is simply holding/carrying your baby in a cloth carrier. For many, babywearing becomes a lifestyle and a passion for many reasons.

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Just like cloth diapering, entering the world of babywearing can be overwhelming! Not to fear though, the Lethbridge babywearing community is very active and offers moms support and help to learn where to start! The Lethbridge Bridge City Slingers are a local group who meet ~ twice per month to teach the art and safety of babywearing to parents. They also offer a lending library which allows members to try out various types of carriers, including a few of the brands that The Diaper Drawer has to offer. If you are interested in learning about babywearing please join their group by clicking here. The Bridge City Slingers will be at the City and Baby Trade show along with The Diaper Drawer and many other amazing vendors on September 27th, 2014! For more details visit!

Why babywear? Babywearing offers many benefits to parents and baby. It allows you to be close to baby, and medical professionals agree that infants thrive through touch. Another simple reason is to be able to be close to baby and be hands free while working around home, grocery shopping (car seats are not safe on the top of grocery carts!) and on walks outside!

Here are some more benefits:

  • Baby wearing reduces the risk of SIDS
  • Happy Babies! Research has shown that carried babies cry and fuss less!
  •  Confident Parents. Being close to their babies allows parents to become attuned to babies cues and gestures. When we can better learn the needs of our babies it creates a cycle of positive interaction making parents feel more confident.
  • Loving Caregivers. Babywearing isn’t just for mom’s and dad’s! Baby carriers are great for creating a bond between baby and grandparents, adoptive parents and other caregivers!
  • Baby Wearing is healthy for you! It can be challenging to find time to exercise as a mom, but wearing your baby allows you to walk while carrying some extra weight!
  • Comfort and Convenience. A good carrier will allow you to do chores or take care of an older child without frequent interruptions from an anxious or distressed baby. Baby carriers are wonderful for babies and toddlers alike so you can save your arms and shoulders and go where stroller’s can’t!!

What types of baby carriers are there?

One of the most common types of carriers and one of the easiest to use is a soft structured carrier (SSC). These carriers allow you to carry from infant to toddler (7-45 lbs) comfortably. They typically have buckles and are very easy to use. At The Diaper Drawer we offer Boba and now Tula (A New line offered which will be unveiled at the City and Baby September show!). Both of these carriers allow you to carry on both the front and the back. Please note that when carrying baby on the front we recommend baby faces in and the carriers offered by The Diaper Drawer do not allow baby to face out when being worn on the front. These carriers are designed to comfortably carry babies in a physiological manner, oriented toward the carrying individual (either on the front or on the back) with baby’s legs supported in a flexed abducted (froglike) position.

In addition to soft structured carriers there are wraps, ring slings and mei tais’s, all of which are offered by The Diaper Drawer. I have a review of a woven wrap up on my Blog as well for those interested take a peek here!  For more information on these products and how to use them please visit us at the upcoming trade show or contact The Diaper Drawer on our facebook page by clicking here.

No  matter which carrier you end up loving, the most important thing to remember when baby wearing is that safety comes first. Always remember TICKS when babywearing and never be afraid to ask for help when learning how to babywear!

Happy Baby Wearing!


The Diaper Drawer, Lethbridge AB

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4 Comments on “An Introduction to Baby Wearing”

  1. I never got into baby wearing with this first child, and I sort of regret it. I definitely will come chat with you when/if I am fortunate to have another baby. You’re so helpful, and I love your blogs!!

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