Babywearing and YOU

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When it comes to babywearing, many parents feel lost, confused and just don’t really know where to start. Others are gifted a carrier at a shower and that’s all they ever try. This leads to the question, why are there so many different styles and brands of carriers?

The answer is easy, FIT, STYLE and BUDGET. They really are like an article of clothing and each tiny difference can mean extreme comfort or just an okay fit from one person to another. That is the reason that trying on a carrier (if you can) is a great idea before you buy! There are many different styles of carriers as well as different brands. Any carrier will work, but your preferred style and your body (as well as your little ones) will mean that one particular carrier may just be a BETTER FIT FOR YOU! What works for one person may not work for another. That is why at The Diaper Drawer we offer a wide range of styles as well as brands so that we can help find the best fit for each person. We have started gaining plenty of experience on how a carrier will fit based on your body type as well as the size of your baby! Not sure which might be best for you? IF you are local, contact us and we will set up a one-on-one fitting appointment. Not local, send us some information about yourself and we will help you find the carrier that best meets your needs!

Here is a very brief little overview of our baby wearing selection!

Soft Structured Carriers (SSC) or Buckle Carriers

  • Brands Offered @ The Diaper Drawer are Beco (NEW!), Boba, Chimparoo, Lenny Lamb and Tulagossamer
  • Price Range $160-300
  • Standard Sizes usually carry ~7-45 lbs, Toddler sizes also available
  • Easy to use!
  • Different brands offer different fits for different body types and have a few feature variations. For Example some carriers have built in infant inserts for newborns and some must be purchased separately



  • Brands Offered @ The Diaper Drawer are Boba Stretchy Wraps, Wrapsody Hybrid Wraps and Chimparoo Woven Wraps
  • Price Range $60-145
  • Stretchy wraps are better for newborns and smaller babies whereas hybrid and woven wraps can carry from newborn to toddler. Weight range is dependent on wrap and brand.
  • There is a little learning curve but, once you get the hang of it wraps are very supportive and comfortable!

Mei Tai’s

romantic lace

  • Brands Offered @ The Diaper Drawer are Chimparoo and Lenny Lamb
  • Price Range $125-160
  • A cross between a woven wrap and a soft structured carrier.
  • Easier to learn than a wrap but with the same cozy feeling!

Ring Slings


  • Brands Offered @ The Diaper Drawer are Beco (NEW!) (stretchy) and Lenny Lamb (Woven)
  • Price Range $75-$140
  • Stretchy ring slings are perfect for newborns and smaller babies and woven ring slings will carry from newborn to toddler!
  • Easy to use and perfect for fast ups and quick trips.

Everyone is different when it comes to style. Some families will pick one carrier and stick with it. Some have a different carrier for each wearer (because not all carriers fit each person’s body or style). Others love to start with a wrap or ring sling for the newborn phase and change to a buckle carrier when they are bigger. Some families love to have different styles for different purposes like a ring sling for grocery trips and a wrap for in the home. Some love to collect different prints and styles as baby wearing becomes a lifestyle. No matter what you choose, make the decision based on your needs, body type and budget! We will help you find the perfect FIT!

Ask us how we can make babywearing easy for you!


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