TDD Carrier Library! Try Before you Buy!

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Looking for a baby carrier, But don’t want to take the plunge without trying one out? At The Diaper Drawer we have something for everyone! We know that a baby carrier is a large investment. ¬†We want to make sure you love the carrier you purchase! In order to be sure this happens we have a lending library! Try each … Read More

The Diaper Drawer – A Look Back

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While I was pregnant with my son in 2011, I read a post on a friends wall about the benefits of cloth. Benefits that spoke to me, and started the growth of a passion. The more I prepared for the arrival of our child, the more I realized that I needed to learn everything I could about cloth. I researched … Read More

Cloth Diapers and SO MUCH MORE!

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  The Diaper Drawer was started in 2011, and at that time I carried one cloth diaper brand. Since then, I have added a large variety of natural products to meet the needs of both cloth diapering and non-cloth diapering families! Although I wish everyone loved cloth I know that this isn’t the case. Many modern families are looking for … Read More

World Record Breaking Cloth Diapers!

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Cloth diapers. For some those to words bring many negative emotions including fear, disgust, thoughts of pins and so much more. Today, modern cloth diapering is simple. Not scary, not disgusting and is becoming more popular and accepted with each passing year! What makes cloth diapers so simple??? So many things! Modern Cloth diapers are easy to use, they have … Read More

The Diaper Drawer @ The City and Baby

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It is my favorite time of the year again! Time for the Lethbridge City and Baby Trade show! I love this show for so many reasons, but most of all because of all the parents, parents to be and little ones that I get to meet and share the passion of the baby wearing and cloth diapering too! I started … Read More

GroVia No Prep Soaker Review!

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My little guy is out of diapers now ūüôĀ that was a very sad day for this cloth loving mom! So for this amazing new product I recruited some amazing mom’s well versed in the GroVia cloth diapering world, Elley and Courtney! The results were great! Both loved the little prepping, simply wash once and it is ready to go! … Read More

Dirty Diaper Laundry Simplified

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When I talk to new or expectant moms about using cloth diapers, the biggest fear surrounding their use is often the laundry! After using cloth diapers for 3 years I can tell you that the laundry need not be feared! After all, our modern day washers make laundry a breeze! Our grandmothers were washing cloth diapers by hand or using … Read More

An Introduction to Baby Wearing

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What is babywearing? Babywearing is simply holding/carrying your baby in a cloth carrier. For many, babywearing becomes a lifestyle and a passion for many reasons. ¬† Just like cloth diapering, entering the world of babywearing can be overwhelming! Not to fear though, the Lethbridge babywearing community is very active and offers moms support and help to learn where to start! … Read More


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Shop in Lethbridge at our Retail Location! Want to touch and feel before you buy!? Stop by Stafford Pharmacy where you will find¬†a selection from the following¬†brands: AMP, Boba, Beco, Bumby, Chimparoo, Colibri, ¬†BumGenius, CJ’s BUTTer, Diaper Dawgs, Flip, GroVia, MountainTOTs, Punkin Butt and Delish Naturals. Stafford Pharmacy Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday: 9am – 6pm Saturday: 10am – … Read More