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Loyalty deserves a little reward!!! With our points program you can earn reward points when you purchase products from The Diaper Drawer! Save your points and redeem them to save money off of your next purchase! How to Earn TDD Points: Create an account on (earn 25 points simply for creating an account!) Earning points online is automatic! You … Read More

Eliminating Yeast from your Cloth Diapers: A How to Guide

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Thankfully, yeast won’t happen to everyone who uses cloth diapers, but when it strikes you must be certain to both treat babies bum and your cloth diapers! For baby’s bum, yeast rash presents as red with raised bumps/blisters and baby will complain during bum changes because it is quite painful. Be sure to speak with your pharmacist or doctor about how … Read More

Cloth Diapers Should NOT Leak

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  Do you cloth diaper and have leaks at every single diaper change? Are you frustrated and ready to quit cloth diapering?? Cloth Diapers should not leak! Leaking cloth diapers are NOT normal, and this generally means something is wrong. Not to fear! I hope this will help you decide what the problem is before you give up on cloth … Read More

City and Baby Trade Show Guide – SPRING 2016

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Here we are! Only ….. Days away!  We are almost ready and can’t wait to meet you! To help you out navigating the show we have put together a mini Trade Show Guide for our booth! The City and Baby is a very busy show, especially during the morning hours (10-12 pm)! So, if you don’t like crowds or lines, … Read More

What about the POOP?

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What is the number one concern when it comes to laundering diapers at home? “But, what about the poop?” It’s a question I hear often and the answers are easy! So lets set the record straight! POOP Happens. In ALL DAIPERS. So no matter what you use, disposables or cloth – you have to deal with it. Here is the … Read More

TDD Carrier Library! Try Before you Buy!

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Looking for a baby carrier, But don’t want to take the plunge without trying one out? At The Diaper Drawer we have something for everyone! We know that a baby carrier is a large investment.  We want to make sure you love the carrier you purchase! In order to be sure this happens we have a lending library! Try each … Read More

Cloth Diapers and SO MUCH MORE!

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  The Diaper Drawer was started in 2011, and at that time I carried one cloth diaper brand. Since then, I have added a large variety of natural products to meet the needs of both cloth diapering and non-cloth diapering families! Although I wish everyone loved cloth I know that this isn’t the case. Many modern families are looking for … Read More

World Record Breaking Cloth Diapers!

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Cloth diapers. For some those to words bring many negative emotions including fear, disgust, thoughts of pins and so much more. Today, modern cloth diapering is simple. Not scary, not disgusting and is becoming more popular and accepted with each passing year! What makes cloth diapers so simple??? So many things! Modern Cloth diapers are easy to use, they have … Read More