Eliminating Yeast from your Cloth Diapers: A How to Guide

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Thankfully, yeast won’t happen to everyone who uses cloth diapers, but when it strikes you must be certain to both treat babies bum and your cloth diapers!

For baby’s bum, yeast rash presents as red with raised bumps/blisters and baby will complain during bum changes because it is quite painful. Be sure to speak with your pharmacist or doctor about how to treat the yeast! For a description of what a yeast rash looks like chCloroxDisinfectingBleachDeck here.

Supplies needed:

  • Bleach. Be sure the bleach is disinfecting Bleach. The label should read disinfecting bleach and must have at least 5.25% sodium hypochlorite.
  • The SUN

To treat your beloved cloth diapers, we recommend the following steps:

1) Fill your bathtub 1/2 full with COLD water and add 1/2 cup DISINFECTING Bleach. Stir well. Add Diapers. Soak for 30 minutes. Rinse well with hot water.

2) Place diapers in the washing machine, add detergent as you normally would and wash your diapers twice with detergent. This will ensure the bleach is fully removed before you put them on your baby.

3) Lay out in the SUN to dry (no shade!). You can even sun them while wet laying inside your home. The UV rays help to kill the yeast!

 Tips and tricks for dealing with yeast!

  •  Antibiotics can increase yeast infections. Probiotics can counteract this and help prevent yeast. Talk to your pharmacist about starting your baby on probiotics.
  • Slathering plain yogurt or breast milk on the rash can also help.
  • If you are using a prescription cream, make sure you use a good, thick liner, so the cream will not get on your cloth diapers! Something like AMP Fleece liners will do the trick! (just be sure to wash separately!)
  • Many people switch to disposables or a disposable insert (like GroVia BioSoakers) until their baby is completely cleared of the yeast. If the rash is still there, the diapers will continue to be infected, and the baby will be reinfected by the diapers. You can also use cheap prefolds during this time, as long as you disinfect them after each use.
  • Using CJ’s BUTTer PLUS Yeast Knock out formulation can help to prevent or treat yeast during hot summer months or when you are using antibiotics!

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