Finding Cloth Diapers with Margaret (featuring AppleCheeks)

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We Love AppleCheeks!

Margaret is new to the world of cloth diapers! Here is a Q and A about how Margaret got into adding cloth diapers into her lifestyle with her new baby girl!

What made you decide to try cloth diapers?

A friend of mine let me borrow a size 1 AppleCheeks with a 3 ply insert and I absolutely fell in love (even though it was only one change). The diaper fit her comfortably and snug, wasn’t too bulky, and added an extra layer of warmth and ease as the inside layer is fleece. 

Did you have any worries or concerns about making the change to cloth diapers?

I did have my reservations at first; it is very intimidating spending so much upfront when with disposables you pay a little at a time and it’s much more convenient. But, you only pay upfront once and then never again. Plus, you can resell them and when you start your stash you can buy new or used. You really don’t have that option with disposables

How old was your baby when you started using cloth?

She was about 6 weeks old and 8 lbs.

How did you start incorporating cloth diapers into your routine?

I bought enough AC for a starter stash; 10 covers and inserts to last me a days’ worth of changes. While my baby girl slept in the morning, I’d go and do the load of laundry to clean the diapers. It was so easy; just toss all the dirty ones (with the insert still in) into the laundry on delicate with regular tide then let the covers air dry while the inserts went into the dryer. The entire process is about the same length of time as my daughter naps in the morning so she had diapers on hand when she woke up! 

Once I was confident using cloth, I bought another 8 so that I didn’t have to do laundry if I didn’t want to. The dirty diapers would just be in the pail or wet bag and I could clean them when i wanted to. But I easily got into a routine of washing them all first thing. 

Did you find it any harder than using disposables?

Changing a cloth diaper is not any different than changing a disposable! When you change, you just put the dirty one in a wet bag (waterproof bag) and change into a clean cloth diaper. No garbage to take out, and they are just as easy, if not easier, to put on. Overnight changes do get tricky doing up snaps when you’re half asleep, but soon enough (hopefully!) our little one will be sleeping overnight with 2- 2 ply inserts and pesky snaps at night won’t be a problem! When it is time for laundry you simply flip the wet bag and diapers into the washing machine and that is it! The only difference is 2-3 loads of extra laundry per week. 

Which size of AppleCheeks did you choose?

My stash is a mix of a size 1 and one-size AppleCheeks. I prefer one-size because it will last her well into her toddler years and potty training. Even so, her size 1’s will last her until around 20 pounds, and my baby was small at birth so theoretically, they will last her at least up until 6-12 months. This is significantly longer than the standard “newborn” cloth diaper. The Size 1 do fit a bit trimmer. Both work equally well!

What is your favorite part about cloth diapering?

The patterns and names always give me joy. As I change my daughter, I talk to her about the name of what she’s being changed into and go giddy over how cute she looks in it. And the best part is no leaks!  She has even gone through overnight in just 1 diaper! 

What would you tell someone that is thinking about starting with cloth diapers?

I would say that, it seemed expensive to start, but thinking about it, one cover and insert is about the price of a box of diapers. We went through a box a week. By week 8 (how old my daughter is), that’s enough for a beginning stash of AC cloth diapers and th

A day of Cloth Diapers

ey can be reused unlike the disposables. And bonus: they can be resold! Keeping them in good condition isn’t hard because they wash wonderfully and those stubborn stains can come out if you dry them in the sun (it sounded hokey at first to me but it really does work!). You will never have to worry about rushing to the store to get a box of diapers, taking out the garbage or think adding to landfills with disposable diapers. Plus, the patterns are sooo much cuter with cloth diapers than disposables! They can even be delivered straight to your door and I loved supporting a small business (The Diaper Drawer). I love that AppleCheeks are made in Quebec! Who doesn’t love Made in Canada!?

Baby Girl with AppleCheeks Lola in Size 1

If you are looking for help getting started with cloth diapers, please contact The Diaper Drawer! I am always happy to help you find the perfect diaper and routine for you and your family!



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