Lenny Lamb Exclusive!!!

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The Diaper Drawer Proudly Presents “Love Moves Mountains” a Lenny Lamb Exclusive by Robbie Craig

This design will only be available from The Diaper Drawer. Shipping to USA and Canada (For international inquiry’s please contact us by emailing: [email protected]). Pre-Order will be closing on June 12th at 8 PM MDT!

Test 25 May

“Love Moves Mountains” Actual Woven Color Test Run

Exclusive Sketch RC

Original “Love Moves Mountains” Sketch by Robbie Craig



“Reverse” Actual Test Weave

The Design of this Carrier has been a wonderful collaboration between myself, Jaclyn of The Diaper Drawer and the Canadian Artist Robbie Craig. I grew up in the heart of the Rockies in Sparwood, BC. The mountains bring me a sense of peace and happiness. They are my happy place. I set out with a goal of creating a carrier that celebrated the outdoors and the Canadian Rockies, but my art skills just weren’t good enough to communicate my vision to Lenny Lamb. I have always admired the work of Robbie Craig, so I sent him a message! Robbie and is wife Nicole shared in my excitement and we set out on this venture together. Robbie was able to take my vision and turn it into a stunning reality.

Robbie Craig is a professional artist working out of Yellowknife, NT.  Originally from Barrie, Ontario, Robbie’s adventurous nature led him to the Northwest Territories in 2006 to pursue his teaching career.  Instantly inspired by the beauty of the North, Robbie connected with his creative side and reinvigorated his childhood passion for art.  Robbie’s work embodies the natural rugged beauty of the northern landscape that surrounds him. With an impressionistic style that is truly his own, Robbie creates fluid and colourful pieces that have a unique and abstract feel.  An enthusiastic gym teacher by day, and loving husband, father, and artist by night, there is never a dull moment.  Robbie is grateful for his opportunity to create and looks forward to sharing his experiences through his colourful artwork.

We truly hope that you love the results of this collaboration as much as we do!

Placement  and Colors

gory_kanada (1) (1)

Placement Picture for Ergonomic Lenny Lamb Carriers

The placement picture shows how image will be placed on the Lenny Lamb Ergonomic Carriers. The large outline is a toddler sized carrier, the small is the baby sized carrier and you can see the waist belt as well! Please note, this image does not depict the color that the wrap will be. The color will be as shown in the actual test run image above.

This design is made from 3 colors (which look like 5 when they are blended). Which are depicted in Actual Test Run Fabric. The colors are Ecru, Teal/Aqua, and Purple. They are will be woven Jacquard with 100% cotton. Weight of fabric will be around 300 g/m2.

How the Purchase and Pre-order Works

This Exclusive Carrier is only available to order as a pre-order for a very limited time (CLOSING JUNE 12th at 8 PM MDT). Once pre-order closes there will no longer be an opportunity to purchase this print. (In the future we MAY choose to run this print again in the same or an alternate colorway however, this will occur only if interest is deemed high enough). Once the pre-order closes there will be 4-6 week production window. Once production is complete Items will be shipped from Poland to The Diaper Drawer and then to you!

THIS EXCLUSIVE IS SET UP TO ORDER ONLINE if you are a CANADIAN or US Resident. IF you reside in another country but would like to order please contact us here.

There are two options for payment and purchase (more details about terms and conditions are located in the file when shopping!):

  1. Shop and Pay a 50% non-refundable deposit here: https://thediaperdrawer.ca/product/love-moves-mountains-lenny-lamb-exclusive/
  2. Shop and Pay in full here: https://thediaperdrawer.ca/product/love-moves-mountains-lenny-lamb-exclusive-pay-full/

Price List (Full price – taxes and shipping are additional, dependent on your location, to these amounts)

Ergonomic Buckle Carrier (Baby and Toddler) $350

Wrap-Tai Carrier (Mini and Toddler) $250

Onbu With Buckles Carrier $185

Ring Slings $165

Wraps (Size 2 – 8) $220-$260

Drool Pad/Reach Strap Set $30

Doll Carrier $50

Shopping Bag $25

Shoulder Bag $45

Waist Bag $40

Hobo Bag $110

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