Belly Bedaine Kuuma Babywearing Sweater (Heavy Fleece Lined)


Stay warm while babywearing! Simply secure baby in your favorite carrier and get cozy in the Belly Bedaine babywearing sweater!! This sweater is rated for +10 to -10 degrees Celsius. You may find you are able to wear it in other temperatures as well with layering!

The Kuuma sweater  is useful during pregnancy and for the winter port in cold weather . It is two layers fore extra warmth. It is simply slides OVER YOUR BABY . The Kuuma sweater can be worn while wearing baby on the front or on your back. A side zip allows comfortable dressing for mom and baby. It is important that the baby’s head is always out, visible and clear.

-The baby must be worn securely in the baby carrier of your choice.

-For the temperature is variable, it’s really a matter of what you wear underneath and what the wind chill and humidity. The estimated temp recommendation for this sweater is between 10 and -10 degrees (for indication only). It is IMPORTANT to dress baby as a result of the temperature

-Maintenance easy, washer-dryer (for greater durability, air dry flat)

-Exterior: manufactured PDR, a tight mesh jersey knit stretch 71% polyester, 27% rayon, 2% spandex / Inside: microfleece made of 100% polyester

additional -Caractéristique: tie cord


Important: THIS IS NOT A BABY CARRIER and requires a CARRIER to be used in addition to this sweater.

Proudly designed and manufactured in Quebec by BellyBedaine Maternity.


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