Hemp Waterproof Nursing Pads (2 Pair)


Soft and luxurious. Thin for comfort and function.

Made of very absorbent hemp fleece, Öko Creations nursing pads are very soft to the touch yet still durable. They offer unparalleled comfort and protection.
They are thin and comfortable. With breathable-waterproof liner these washable pads are made of 2 layers of hemp fleece and 1 layer of breathable-waterproof fabric. Composition: 46% hemp, 38% organic cotton, 16% polyurethane laminated polyester.

  • 4-pack (2 Pair)
  • Packaging: 100% FSC paper, no plastic!
  • Made in Quebec, Canada
  • Diameter size: 11.5 cm, 4,5 inches
  • Will not shrink when laundered

We wish you could touch these through the computer to truly feel how soft they are!!

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