Sensory Scout Compression Blanket


Poor sleep can be detrimental to your child’s mood and behavior! If getting your kid to bed is a struggle and takes hours every night, chances are you need deep pressure therapy in your child’s bedtime routine.
The Sensory Compression Blanket by Sensory Scout is one of the most effective tools to calm your sensory child, relieve anxiety, and transform your bedtime routine from hours, to just minutes.
In fact, one of the most wonderful things about this blanket is that it’s perfect for BOTH sensory seekers and sensory avoiders. It allows energetic seekers to get deep pressure right before bed, while gentle hugs sensory avoiders. It’s also perfect for the hotter summer months when a weighted blanket can get hot and uncomfortable.
Parents who have started using a compression blanket at home have noticed a huge boost in focus, relief from sensory meltdowns, easy bedtime routines, and much more!
If you’re tired of your child going through meltdowns right before bed, or constantly waking up throughout the night, you’ll be amazed at the improvement after just one night using a compression blanket. You also won’t have to spend half your paycheck on frequent occupational therapy sessions or overpriced sensory equipment.


• Toddler Compression Blanket = 2’3″ x 4’3″ (69 cm x 132 cm)
• Twin/Single Bed Compression Blanket = 3’2″ x 4’8″ (98 x 147 cm)
• Full/Double Bed Compression Blanket =4’5″ x 4’8″(136 x 147 cm)
• Queen Bed Compression Blanket = 5’2″ x 4’8″(160 x 147 cm)

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