YumBox Tapas – 4 Compartment


We have been using our first yumbox for 3 years! It has a few bumps and scrapes but it is 100% functional and still going back and forth with my son to school everyday! If you want to cut down on your lunch waste with a sturdy and durable lunchbox that you won’t have to replace, this is the one!

Designed for adults, active teens and pre-teens the Tapas has a total of 4.2 cups of volume! 1 Large section, two side servings plus a dip/treat well.
Includes exterior box and insert.
Pack wet foods like yogurt and dips (not water).
Use with custom designed Yumbox Poche Cooler Bag and Ice Packs!

Balance and Portion Control: Yumbox’s pre-portioned illustrated trays guide you to packing healthy and hassle-free lunches!

Leakproof Single Lid: Yumbox’s unique single lid seals all food wells individually.  Food won’t touch or leak outside of the box.

Think Green: Yumbox saves you money by eliminating the need for baggies, multiple containers, plastic wrap and snack packs.

Kid Friendly: Yumbox is lightweight and compact with an easy-open latch. Ideal for toddlers, kids of all ages, and adults.

Educational and Fun: Offering a healthy variety of foods will instill good eating habits the fun way!

Yumbox is dishwasher safe. Top rack only. Hand washing the outer shell and/or removing it before the heat dry cycle is highly recommended.


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