The Diaper Drawer – A Look Back

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While I was pregnant with my son in 2011, I read a post on a friends wall about the benefits of cloth. Benefits that spoke to me, and started the growth of a passion. The more I prepared for the arrival of our child, the more I realized that I needed to learn everything I could about cloth. I researched and planned and learnt and watched videos. I investigated brands and dreamt about cloth diapers in my sleep…. Anyone recognize something in my soon to be son’s room? (That’s my Daddy in the picture with me)


Room Set up set up 1







Once I started researching I knew that GroVia was the brand I wanted. Only – I couldn’t turn up anyone that carried it locally. I found a company called Jack Be Natural in the US. Their customer service was amazing. Retailers are not allowed to ship most brands across the border, so I had to order and drive down to the US to pick up. After only a month, I was hooked. I contacted GroVia – because after all of the hard work and learning I had done, I had to find a way to Make Cloth Simple for more families. I thought – I can make this fast and easy for families. Most people don’t have the time, desire or energy to research like I had done. I wanted to make sure everyone knew how easy cloth can be. It truly is simple with the right products and the right support. I can only hope that I am doing for my fans what was done for me! Here is my first ever timeline photo – and where the name The Diaper Drawer came from. It’s simple really – all my son’s diapers were kept in a drawer! Here is the first poor attempt at a product shoot I did with my son as well. Facebook page created, first order with GroVia placed and first photos posted January 2012!

1st timeline photo Max Diapers

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